Panoramic View of Historic Oroville Inn


Suite Configurations and Room Rates


The historic nature of the Inn means that, among other things, each room is somewhat unique. No two are exactly alike so the floor plans shown here give you an idea of what the rooms look like but are not a guarantee of layout.

Also we invite our residents to arrange their furniture and decorate to make it their own. So if you don’t like bunk beds, for example, you can put both beds on the ground.

At the Historic Oroville Inn, we offer four options.

Private, Semi-Private, Shared and Quad. Sample floorplans and pricing are below.

Private Suite

private floor plan
A one-room suite with attached restroom.
One occupant only.

Shared Suite

shared-floor plan
A one-room suite with attached restroom.
Two occupants total.

Semi-Private Suite

semi private room
A two-room suite with attached restroom.
Two occupants total, one in each room.

Quad Suite

quad floor plan
A two-room suite with attached restroom.
Four occupants total, two in each room.

*Monthly payments may not be an option for leases shorter than five months. Contact us for details. All quoted prices are "per person" and will be prorated."

“The staff is incredibly supportive.” – Sergio

“I was nervous about being away from home for the first time, but I loved living with others in the program and fishing and hiking with new friends.” – Aidan

“It was an amazing stay. You guys made school nice and easy to get through” – Galvin

“It’s so close to campus. We could carpool. And there is so much more to do here in Oroville than I thought.” – Richard

“The price was much more affordable than other options I looked at it’s in a really nice area. I would recommend 10 out of 10.” – Sergio

"I love the management and responsiveness of the maintenance team." – Cole

"I liked meeting all the other students and living under the same roof." – Zane

"Just getting to meet new friends was my favorite part." – Austin